Hosted Service or Licensed Product

rap-X is available as a Hosted Service (ASP model) or as a Licensed Product (downloaded and installed onto your server). Review the table below to decide which option is most appropriate for your organisation.

Hosted Service

Licensed Software

  • No hardware required, no software to install or support
  • No technical web hosting and systems administration skills required
  • Secure, fast, and reliable, and available immediately as an integrated part of your web site, displaying your logos
  • If required, your internal systems can be interfaced through XML web services (eg. SOAP)
  • This option is for organisations that want a web based customer support service running on their web site immediately, without any expenditure on computer hardware, software and technical services
  • Server can be configured as desired (e.g. Client Certificate SSL encryption)
  • Internal systems can be interfaced directly to rap-X. Operations procedures (eg. security) can be managed and enforced by Customer
  • Visibility can be restricted to internal networks only
  • Web interface can be extended and customized
  • This option is for organisations that have the technical resources, skills, and need to host, customize and integrate rap-X with other internal systems